H-NF-010 | Hosco Japan nut file 15 cm length

artigo : H-NF-010
identificação produto: 42783

nut file 15 cm length, teeth per inch: 73, 010" / 0,25 mm
A high quality nut file. A string seated in a properly filed nut will have the correct height and will also prevent extraneous string noise from the nut.

0.010" / 0,25 mm width.

A typical set for classical guitar would contain the following files:

0.028", 0.032", 0.036", 0.042"

A typical set for electric and acoustic guitars will depend on the string gauges. Always check the package for the string gauges and use the same file gauge accordingly.

A great aid in filing nuts is the H-GB4 Hosco GrooBar. This will prevent you from filing the string slot too deep.

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